General manager

More than 20 years of expertise in mobility management on national and international level. Expert in urban cycling strategies

Vincent Meerschaert

Business manager

Transport planner with large experience in SUMPs, mobility impact analysis, traffic modelling,…

Kristof Devriendt

Project Manager

Expert in urban and corporate mobility planning

Emmanuelle Brunetti

Project manager

Master degree in traffic and mobility management. Expert in green commuter planning and urban cycling strategies.

Delphine Eeckhout

Project officer

Cheerful and driven athlete with a passion for health and active transport. In the free time to be found in the mountains or with running shoes on.

Arne Deschepper

Project officer

Sensitive to environmental issues, I help companies to think about adapted, innovative and viable solutions to encourage sustainable alternatives in terms of mobility. 

Maëlle Marchand

Office manager

I get my satisfaction from motivating, informing and supporting my colleagues in their path to sustainable mobility. An enthusiastic, motivated and helpful lady who likes to delve into the world of administration and who likes to dot the 'i'.

Project officer

Inspiring motivator who tackles your mobility issue in an optimistic, far-sighted and inventive manner. Knows how to get things done and likes to go out on the folding bike.

Chiara Lorré

Project manager

All directions are good, but some are better. Avid climber with a heart for sustainable change and the vibrant city.

Emilie Sion

Project officer

A driven and motivated pacesetter who likes to shift up a gear in order to realise your mobility objectives. Passionate about the (racing) bike.

Maxime Vanparys

Project officer

As a graduated geographer, I look at your mobility problem with a holistic view. I love a (brisk) bike ride as relaxation.

Maurits Vandorpe

Project manager

Urban planner and political scientist with more than 10 years of experience in planning studies. Will accompany you with rigour and enthusiasm in the development of your mobility strategy! 

Marie Hain

Project officer 

Enthusiastic to be able to contribute to efficient and sustainable mobility with a careful eye and innovative ideas. Likes to keep the mind healthy by doing sports. 

Siebe Duthoit

Project manager

Enthusiastic and cheerful city dweller with a passion for sustainable living. 

Eveline Reusens

Project officer

Young, driven athlete from Ghent who puts sustainability at the heart of his life. He is happy to help you with all your questions about mobility. 

Laurent Delbeke

Project officer

Dedicated and eager to learn planner with a passion for (road) cycling. Always looking for alternative and innovative mobility solutions. 

Pieter Bulcke

Project manager

Years of experience in mobility policy with a particular passion for cycling policy. 

Patrick D'Haese

Project manager

More than 10 years expertise in urban planning and mobility plans.

Jonathan Haynes

Project manager

Mobility expert. Expertise in the field of city logistics and IT-solutions in the field of mobility.

Freya Vandaele

Project manager

Approaches your mobility project with a new and creative way. In his free time he enjoys a ride with his two-wheeler. 


Bram Bruggeman

Project manager

Supports your company in developing a more effective transport policy and a sustainable car policy 

Helena De Bruycker

Project manager

Young and reliable mobility expert who approaches your mobility-related issues with enthousiasm and precision.

Sander Vonck

Project manager

Loves to plan, always on the move (GR fan) and smooth on her feet. She helps your business get on the right track so everything runs smoothly. 

Trees Vandenbulcke

Project officer

A busy bee who offers precise and reliable support for all your mobility-related issues.

Mieke Burrick

Project officer

Planned and driven mobility expert who tackles your mobility challenge. Enjoys every walk and is sporty in the legs. 

Tim Sabbe

Project officer

As an urban studies graduate, I am eager tu use my skills for projects that matter and improve our mobility of tomorrow! 

Eva Ramires

Project officer

Sustainability is central to Sarah's life. As such, she is incredibly excited to be able to assist companies in the sustainable transition they want to make within their mobility story. 

Sarah Van Acker

Project officer

Young and motivated person with an interest in environment and mobility. Helps your company to achieve a sustainable mobility policy.

Alicia Kellens

Project officer

Enthousiast team player who believes in sustainable and future-directed society. Approaches your mobility issues in an integral and future-oriented manner. 

Lisa Mabilde

Project officer

Driven and enthusiastic person who likes to be on the road with his (folding) bike. Seeks a balance between mobility and space in your mobility project. 

Lars Acke

Project officer

Young cyclist from Brussels who guides your company towards customised, sustainable mobility solutions. 

Pierre Bertin

Project officer

Young urbanite with a great team spirit and interest in the environment. Happy to help with your company's mobility challenges in a more sustainable way. 

Stéphanie Legrand

Management support

Proactively support Traject on an operational and strategic level. Likes to help others, eager to learn and always ready for a tough hike (in the mountains). 

Astrid Debakker

Office manager

Young, enthusiastic lady with an eye for detail who enjoys providing support to all colleagues. 

Louise Martens

Project officer

Ghent cyclist with a love for language and people. Likes to look at a project from a different angle. 

Idelien Van Laer

Project officer

Young graduate in urban planning and adventurer at heart. Convinced that sustainable travel can be ensured through a constant search for innovative mobility strategies. 

Gaëlle Duffieux

Project officer

Enthusiastic person who enjoys her bike ride to work every day. Helps your company toward a sustainable mobility policy so your employees can enjoy their commute as well. 

Jorine Callebert

Project officer

Drive spring in the field who invariably opts for a sustainable and integrated mobility solution. For her, it has to go forward, in life and on the road! 

Celine De Bock