General manager

More than 20 years of expertise in mobility management on national and international level. Expert in urban cycling strategies

Vincent Meerschaert

Business manager

Transport planner with large experience in SUMPs, mobility impact analysis, traffic modelling,…

Kristof Devriendt

Project Manager

Expert in urban and corporate mobility planning

Emmanuelle Brunetti

Project manager

Master degree in traffic and mobility management. Expert in green commuter planning and urban cycling strategies.

Delphine Eeckhout

Project officer

Young resident of Brussels who doesn't own a car, convinced that mobility is all about diversification of transport modes.

Astrid Dujeu

Project manager

More than 10 years expertise in urban planning and mobility plans.

Jonathan Haynes

Project manager

Mobility expert. Expertise in the field of city logistics and IT-solutions in the field of mobility.

Freya De Muynck

Project manager

Approaches your mobility project with a new and creative way. In his free time he enjoys a ride with his two-wheeler. 


Bram Bruggeman

Project officer

City dweller with a heart for sustainability and engagement. Helps you with all your mobility issues.  

Nina Sarens

Project manager

Supports your company in developing a more effective transport policy and a sustainable car policy 

Helena De Bruycker

Office manager

Administrative support in local and international mobility projects

Sabine Lauwaert

Project officer

Young and reliable mobility expert who approaches your mobility-related issues with enthousiasm and precision.

Sander Vonck

Project manager

Enjoys managing mobility projects which contribute to the transition towards a more sustainable world.



Dorothée Bernier

Project officer

A busy bee who offers precise and reliable support for all your mobility-related issues.

Mieke Burrick



Tim Sabbe

Project officer

Young and motivated person with an interest in environment and mobility. Helps your company to achieve a sustainable mobility policy.

Alicia Kellens

Project officer

Enthousiast team player who believes in sustainable and future-directed society. Approaches your mobility issues in an integral and future-oriented manner. 

Lisa Mabilde

Project officer

Lars Acke

Project officer


Yacine Ryckebusch

Project officer

Young cyclist from Brussels who guides your company towards customised, sustainable mobility solutions. 

Pierre Bertin