Road safety

Road safety

Road accidents account for around 10% of all work accidents in Belgium. Road safety is therefore a branch of mobility management that deserves attention. Traject can help your company improve road safety for your employees.

Road Safety Plan

Traject has already supported several companies and organizations in their road safety policy. After an audit of your current policy, we will review the actions to be implemented. In consultation with you, we define good practices and associate concrete objectives. Finally, we also support you in the communication and awareness raising aspects of your road safety policy.

Signposting audit and plan

For many years, we have been guiding and advising cities and municipalities on infrastructure and road safety. This expertise can also be applied to your company's site. We identify the biggest bottlenecks and make optimization proposals. We can also evaluate or optimize access to public roads. In this way, we make your site a safer environment with more efficient transport flows.