Process support for environmental permits

Process guidance for environmental permits

Within the framework of environmental permits, mobility is becoming an increasingly important theme. Advisory and licensing authorities are demanding, just like citizens, more participation in the process. To ease the licencing procedure, we start a consultation process with all the authorities involved. An early implementation of this consultation process is of crucial importance in order to guarantee a smooth licensing procedure. We advise and coach you throughout the entire process.

Strategic communication and participation

A good stakeholder approach is essential with every new evolution and ensures that licensing authorities increasingly request explanatory and participatory moments within the framework of citizen participation.

We coach and advise you in strategic communication about your project and in the setup of a successful dialogue with different stakeholders.

Our experience in communication and participation processes

Traject coaches governments, companies as well as developers in the management of strategic communication and participation. This guarantees that we manage all the building blocks of this delicate balancing act well.

Together with you we will create a tailored communication strategy.