Parking policy

Parking policy

Parking is a key section of mobility policies. A bicycle or a car must always be parked somewhere at the end of a journey.

Traject specializes in all forms of parking management

With you, we search for the most optimal and sustainable solutions for your parking strategy.

Traject has a broad portfolio of services in terms of parking:

  • Analysis of real parking needs
  • Distribution of the Fairpark parking management tool
  • Production of parking strategies and policies
  • Signposting
  • Charging terminals for electric vehicles
  • Parking optimization
  • Cost-benefit analysis of parking facilities

Traject is a certified expert for the Brussels legislation BWLKE/COBRACE

The Brussels Region wants to encourage businesses through COBRACE legislation to stimulate more sustainable commuting. When renewing the environmental permit, a maximum number of parking spaces is allocated to a company. Traject is a consultancy certified since 2014 for the production of COBRACE incidence studies. Through the analysis of current parking facilities, we determine the impact of the legislation on your facilities and study alternatives and possibilities for derogation.

Bicycle parking

Cyclists parking needs are different than those of motorists. They need to be sure they can leave it safely and find it back in good condition. We can advise you on how to make your site attractive to cyclists. We offer advice in terms of capacity, accessibility, types of anchorage and security. Because more bike users mean savings of car parking spaces.