Parking and COBRACE

Parking and COBRACE

Parking is a key discipline in mobility planning. A smart parking strategy and a well-thought-out parking management are important pillars of any company's mobility.

Traject designs solutions for your parking policy of the future. We take into account innovative concepts such as autonomous vehicles, car-sharing cars and optimization tools.

Traject, recognized expert for COBRACE incidence studies in the Brussels region.

Authorities in the Brussels Region want to encourage businesses through COBRACE legislation to stimulate more sustainable commuting. When renewing the environmental permit, a maximum number of parking spaces is allocated to the company. Traject is a consultancy certified since 2014 for the realization of COBRACE incidence studies. Through the analysis of current parking facilities, we determine the impact of the legislation on your facilities and study alternatives and possibilities for derogation.

Parking policy

Traject can help your business develop a parking policy for your employees. With you, we determine the criteria that form the basis of your parking policy. With regard to implementation, Traject has a clear overview of all available parking management tools in the market.  Based on your company’s specific needs, we advise which tool is the most sufficient to support your parking management policy.