Mobility Strategy

Mobility Strategy

We believe a  mobility strategy cannot be isolated from of the overall business strategy of an organization or company. Projects or business issues can be assessed from the angle of mobility. Traject has in house expertise and knowledge to guide your company or organization through the steps of creating an effective mobility strategy.

Company mobility plan

Do you want to translate your vision of mobility into a tangible, step-by-step plan? Traject can guide you in developing a custom mobility plan. To do this, we take into account the profile of your company and its employees. Traject has been accompanying companies since 2004 and the implementation of legislation requiring large companies in Brussels to set up a mobility plan.

We often start our analysis by a survey of employees. This will determine to which extent they are open to changing their habits for more sustainable alternatives.

In addition to determining the appropriate measures, we also support your company in the process of co-creation and communication of your mobility plan. Together, we choose the most effective approach and the most appropriate communication tools for your mobility policy.

With you, we put in place an ambitious and realistic action plan, budgeted and tailor-made for your company.

Freight transport

In addition to developing measures to stimulate the sustainable transportation of people, Traject also has extensive expertise in the field of freight transport. We start from an analysis of logistics flows on your site. Taking into account your day-to-day operations, we search for efficiencies and safety gains while optimizing the flow of goods.