Mobility plans

Mobility plans

Mobility planning covers a very wide range of topics. Traject can be at your side at each step.

Mobility plans for municipality, city and region

Traject holds the required expertise to manage all aspects of a mobility plan. We have the knowledge and experience in:

  • public planning,
  • preparation of traffic plans,
  • participation and transition management,
  • cycling policy,
  • parking studies,
  • quality of life,
  • on demand transport,
  • urban logistics.

Urban co-creation

Although we are recognized as experts in mobility, no one knows your city better than the inhabitants themselves. Participation is not only a way for us to generate support, but also to gather suggestions and tips. In this way, your project is not only supported, but also 100% tailored to your city.

Parking policy

Parking is a key aspect of mobility planning. A bike or a car must always be parked somewhere. A well-thought-out parking strategy and intelligent parking management are key success factors to prevent congestion due to the search for a parking space and to achieve optimal parking.

With you, we search for the most optimal and sustainable solutions for your parking strategy.

Traject has a broad portfolio of services in terms of parking:

  • Analysis of real bicycle & car parking needs
  • Parking Strategy and Regulation for Cities and Municipalities
  • Cost-benefit analysis of parking facilities
  • Parking signposting
  • Charging terminals for electric vehicles
  • Bike sharing and car sharing systems
  • Fairpark® Parking Management System
  • Parking optimization
  • Parking policy for companies