Expert mobility advice

Expert mobility advice

Modification of the way we travel associated with new urban and rural developments are driving changes in mobility demands. The traffic environment in a city or municipality must be adapted to that. We can guide you in your project from flow analysis to optimized traffic engineering designs.

Crossroad analyzes and traffic simulations

To find the most efficient way for your town to be accessible & safe, we simulate traffic situations. We analyze traffic flows in a given area or along a specific axis and we visualize the operation of intersections, roundabouts and traffic lights.

Transport infrastructure design

After an initial analysis, we propose infrastructure or traffic lights optimizations. To visualize optimization possibilities,we create a traffic engineering design on conceptual level. Keeping in mind your request and situation we will look for a tailor-made design.

Less inconvenience

Many troubles can be avoided or reduced using accurate measures. Traject guides municipalities and companies to create:

  • a mobility plan for each phase of construction,
  • a parking and signposting plan,
  • a full communication schedule,
  • coordination of on-site traffic flows.


For events, Traject has a large network of organizers and operators. We can develop a complete mobility plan or provide you with our ad hoc advice.


Nowadays, GPS systems determine to a large extent the choice and monitoring of routes, not only for motorists, but also for cyclists and pedestrians. Nevertheless, signposting remains an essential guidance element for directing traffic flows.

Signposting plan

Using an analysis of the current traffic situation and structure, we determine with you the strategy for signage. In accordance with this strategy, a signposting plan is established for all modes of transport. Traject can also provide the final product such as visuals and their technical features so that they can be directly produced and implemented.