Cycling policy and infrastructure

Cycling policy and infrastructure

Cycling popularity is growing: in recent years, bike use has steadily increased. Cycling is not only healthy, but also offers very competitive travel times compared to other modes of transport. The exponential increase in the number of e-bikes and speedpedelecs opens up new possibilities.

Cycling policy or tailor-made coaching for your city

An increase in the number of cyclists brings new challenges. For example, special attention should be given to infrastructure, safety, parking, awareness raising and theft prevention.

Our expertise covers all aspects of a cycling policy: from infrastructure to cycling policy plans and bike parking studies, to awareness raising campaigns and coaching programs tailored to your city.

Cycling infrastructure

Our infrastructure experts help you define your ambitions, streamline and standardize cycling infrastructure, or develop local solutions. We elaborate your infrastructure planning guidelines.

Sustainable cycle logistics

The potential of goods transport and bicycle delivery in cities is particularly high: half of motorized goods transport trips could be done by bike. We help several cities  to implement such a project and give specific advice through workshops.

International expertise in cycling policy

Traject has gained extensive experience in cycling projects in Belgium and Europe over the last 20 years. We bring this international experience and our knowledge of best practices to your project. This has resulted in a wide variety of successful cycling projects in various cities, municipalities and provinces in Belgium. We can also support you in the most diverse research or action on cycling policy.

Urban co-creation

Although we are recognized as experts in mobility, no one knows your city better than the inhabitants themselves. Participation is not only a way for us to generate support, but also to gather suggestions and tips. In this way, your project is not only supported, but also 100% tailored to your city.

Communication and participation

The needs and wishes of the user are at the core of all our projects. After all, mobility is not  purely technica. For us, involving users has become a common thread in many of our projects for both municipalities and businesses.