Cycling policy

Cycling policy

Cycling is becoming more and more popular: in recent years, cycling modal share dramatically increased. An attractive cycling policy is an asset to satisfy employees and recruit new talents.

For over 15 years, Traject has gained international and varied experience creating and implementing corporate cycling policies. We can therefore assist you in the most diverse research or actions, from operational tasks to strategic projects.

Cycling master plan

Traject is an expert recognized as one of the Belgian leaders in the field of company cycling policy and has already guided many organizations in the development of a cycling plan. In addition, we attach great importance to the process of co-creation and communication. Thus, it is possible to generate not only support for your measurements, but also to take into account the suggestions and wishes of your employees.

Bike audit

An increase in the number of cyclists in your company goes hand in hand with improved infrastructure. Traject assess your company's bike facilities using an internal checklist. Using this analysis, we develop a tailored action plan that takes into account the innovations of the sector.

Setting up company bicycles

A bicycle is a sustainable alternative to a company car. Offering a company bike can increase the attractiveness of your company for current and potenatial staff members. After having analysed the potentialities, we edit a framework for  you company bikes policy and guide your market research. Then we also have expertise to set up a communications campaign on the company bike.