Choice of premises and relocation

Choice of premises and relocation

The relocation of a company or organization has a significant impact, especially in the area of mobility. If you are considering a new location or a move, we can help you choose the right location and estimate the impact on your employees' mobility.

Choice of location

Choosing the right location for your business depends on many factors. Traject has the expertise to determine the impact on mobility for each potential location. Based on an analysis in which we take into account the profile of your company and your employees and the accessibility of the site, we assign each possible option a mobility score. We also study how satellite offices can be a sustainable and effective solution for you.


If you are moving soon or planning a new implementation, we can support the mobility section of your project. Based on an analysis of travel times, we estimate the accessibility with different transport modes for your employees. We also have developed various tools to inform your employees about the accessibility of the new site.