Safe2work: Workshops for companies

Workshops prove to be an effective way to make people discover new insights and to create support

The potential of the office bus

The office bus is equipped as a full-fledged office and has 24 seats with ergonomic tables to place a laptop, outlets, Wi-Fi connection and access to the company's data network. VIM has asked Traject to investigate the potential of the Office Bus in the rest of Belgium.

Logo Danone

Danone - relocation guidance

Danone calls upon Traject to guide them with their relocation project.

Colruyt - support to the mobility policy

Colruyt has implemented actions to promote sustainable mobility among its staff for years.

Bike Project

During 8 months, Traject and Pro Velo support ten companies in the implementation of a bicycle policy and the implementation of actions related to cycling.

Parking analysis AZ Delta Menen

Need Analysis of the current and future AZ Delta hospital parking

MOBER study for a supermarket

For the move of a supermarket in West Flanders to a site where a larger store can be realized in combination with other activities, a MOBER was drawn up by Traject.


European Horizon 2020 project with 5 big port cities

TransMOB: using the multimodal mobility budget as a planning tool

Ondersteuning en begeleiding van een TransMOB-project 

Intelligent mobility budget

Pilot project on the application of a mobility budget


Parking impact analysis of the Council of the European Union - COBRACE

Impact analysis for the Justus Lipsius building of the Council of the European Union

Mobility support BNP Paribas Fortis

Since 2006 Traject offers guidance to BNP Paribas Fortis in the design and management of its mobility plan at national level.

Mobility analysis of the relocation of Sodexo

Relocation of the Sodexo branches from Oudergem and Zaventem to one common site on in Ixelles.

Opleiding specifiek voor (toekomstige) mobility managers van Brusselse bedrijven

Mobility manager courses

Training programs specifically for (future) mobility managers of companies in Brussels