Organizational support for the operation of the transport region - Westhoek

In 2015, the Flemish Government approved the memorandum 'With basic accessibility to an efficient and attractive transport model in Flanders that optimally meets the global and local transport demand.' In the memorandum, Flanders is divided into transport regions with the possibility of adjusting these transport regions to the to adapt transport flows, spatial components and administrative reality. To this end, the Flemish Government has launched four pilot projects in the transport areas Westhoek, Aalst, Mechelen and Antwerp.

The consortium led by TRAJECT supervises the content of the Westhoek transport region council. Together with the municipalities concerned, De Lijn and the MOW department,a co-creation process has been launched through work groups, discussions with stakeholders and the board group. The finality of the study is a supported transport plan for passenger traffic in the transport region Westhoek, which describes the concept of a layered (public) transport network for the region. The transport region council Westhoek has approved the transport plan for the Westhoek on 28 February 2018.