One logo for all cycle highways in Flanders

The five Flemish provinces give their cycle highways a uniform look

The five Flemish provinces developed a new logo for all cycle highways in the region. Traject coordinated the consortium.

This logo will standardize the look and feel for all Flemish cycle highways. With this effort, we want to rebrand the 110 cycle highways containing more than 2400km of connected routes. This is important, as in Flanders cycle highways are (still) a sequence of different types of infrastructure: separate cycle paths, towpaths, bike paths, bicycle streets, car-restricted roads... No uniformity, until now.

The provinces of Antwerp, Limburg, Flemish Brabant, East and West Flanders, as supralocal governments, strongly endorse the strength of a cycle highway network. These cycle routes are built to connect major cities and follow linear infrastructures such as railways, motorways and canals. Preferably, a cycle highway exists of a separate cycle path or a tow path. When space is limited, a cycle lane, a cycle street or a slow road can be used as a section of the cycle highway.

Due to these different types of infrastructure, cycle highways are often challenging to recognize and follow. The five Flemish provinces developed a route-language to counter this inconvenience and to guide cyclists along the cycle highway. The look and feel contains a logo, a route information column, horizontal and vertical signalization and a unique number for each cycle highway in Flanders. It helps and guides the cyclists, but also makes the route very visible and attractive for future users (e.g. on crossings).

Pilot projects
Pilot projects The provinces of Flemish-Brabant and Antwerp will test the logo and signage on the cycle highways Leuven-Brussels and Antwerpen-Essen. The test cases in Leuven and Kalmthout are respectively 2 and 6km long. We invite cyclists to ride along the test-cases and evaluate this new look and feel.

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