Mobility manager courses

Opleiding specifiek voor (toekomstige) mobility managers van Brusselse bedrijven

Since 2014, Traject has been providing training programs, on behalf of Brussels Mobile and Brussels' Environmental department, specifically for (future) mobility managers of companies in Brussels. During a six-day training the participants are introduced to various topics concerning mobility and are taught to conduct company transport plans for their business. There are two sessions every year, one taught in Dutch and one in French.

The training consists of a series of lectures and elucidations by the lecturer(s) combined with various workshops, exercises, specific cases, personal testimonies by companies and site visits. The lessons are constructed in such a way that participants are driven towards a maximum of participation and interaction. Additionally, a lot of attention goes to the exchange of experience and informative practices. Even more technical aspects such as taxation and the mobility budget are discussed.

After completing the formation, the participants are awarded a certificate from the Brussels Region.