Mobility analysis of the relocation of Sodexo

In 2014, three departments of Sodexo (Sodexo SA, Benefits and Rewards and Vivaboxes SA) moved from Oudergem and Zaventem to one common site in Ixelles

A move is often a source of concern among employees. In order to be able to engage in an objective discussion, it is important to have a clear vision of the possibilities and the challenges that a move entails (parking problems, employee well-being, ...).

For this project, Traject draws up a Mobiscan - a multimodal analysis - of the commuter traffic and the internal movements of the personnel. We also carried out an impact analysis based on the travel times by car, bicycle or public transport.
Through these analyzes, the real impact of the move on the mobility of the employees can be properly assessed and an evaluation can be made of the potential modal shift. The proposed actions to mitigate the effects of the move are applicable in the short and medium term (well-thought-out parking management, reimbursement parking at the station, sub-vehicles for shifts, etc.).