Less nuisance during the works at Gent Sint-Pieters

Very considerable work is being carried out at Ghent-Sint-Pieters station, which must adapt the station and its surroundings to the needs of the 21st century. These works have a major impact on the neighborhood, the station users and its environment, on the traffic flows to and from the station and on the through traffic flows in the vicinity of the station.

Between 2007 and 2014, under the influence of these works, changes regularly occurred in the situation for the various road users, and traffic flows were organized differently. This is also the case for the organization of the public transport stops, the parking spaces for cars and the bicycle parking facilities.

Traject provides the 'less nuisance approach' during this period of frequent changes. We strive for the best possible circulation for all road users and a design of the public space with attention to the fluency of the yard and other traffic, comfort and safety for cyclists and pedestrians (commuters and non-commuters). A smooth flow of public transport is also a must.