Ghent’s Strategic Cycling Policy Plan

A comprehensive approach to Ghent's cycling policy

For decades, cycling plays an important role in Ghent's mobility policy. The city is investing in new cycling infrastructure and continues to build on a genuine urban cycling culture. Many investments, however, currently still happen on an ad hoc basis. As part of the new Mobility Plan, Traject was commissioned to develop a more comprehensive approach to Ghent's cycling policy.

The strengths and weaknesses of the current cycling policy are being mapped through a number of workshops with internal and external stakeholders. Traject delivers various recommendations based on its expertise and experience. These recommendations are then further refined in a new series of workshops.

The output of this project is the Integral Cycling Policy of the City of Ghent which includes set targets and recommendations and supports the ambition of the city to increase the share of cycling with 35% by 2030.

The Cycling Policy is part of Ghent’s approved mobility plan.