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Danone Group currently has two settlements in Belgium. Their first branch is located in Belgium's capital Brussels, near subway stop Delta. This settlement is occupied by Danone employees. The other branch is situated in Strombeek-Bever and is used by Nutricia. By the end of the year both offices will be merged and relocated to the new buildings of Danone Docks situated north of Brussels. As part of this move, Danone calls upon the expertise of Traject to guide them in terms of mobility during this project. Traject ensures a personalised follow-up of the mobility of each employee.

For two mornings, Traject erected an information booth on both locations where employees were welcome to ask for advice concerning their new route and to check their best travelling options. Using maps, plans and brochures, specific information was provided to the employees.

All employees were invited to ask for written and customized travelling advice and eventually received a detailed description of the best possible route, adapted to their wishes and limits.

Today, Traject is working on accessibility sheets - small maps with detailed information - for the new location, which is an efficient communication tool that allows to focus on the multimodality of the new Danone Docks branch.