Cuppensplein Masterplan Mobility impact

Traject provide traffic expert support for Mop Urban Design as designer of the Masterplan for the Cuppensplein in Houthalen Helchteren.

In interactive workshops with the designers, spatial planners, financial advisers as well as the city services and road authorities (AWV), the concept of traffic structure is elaborated, the parking strategy is determined and a first reflection on the re-profiling of the N715 and opening up of the new development was made.

Based on the first design concept and circulation schedule, Traject goes through the various steps of a classic mobility effect report to reach a supported vision. Traffic flows from and to the new development are estimated and traffic is allocated.

In the traffic engineering software Vistro, the necessary crossroads capacity is determined, a design of traffic light regulation is drawn up and the impact on traffic flow is evaluated.