Coaching local authorities on road safety

Traffic safety remains a major challenge in Flanders. Every dead person on our roads is one too many and must be prevented as far as possible. Moreover, the number of seriously injured and slightly injured are still a problem.

Local authorities are a crucial partner in improving road safety on Flemish roads. The Flemish municipalities are already making efforts to improve road safety on their territory, but this is often ad hoc.

The VSV and OVK therefore decided to set up a coaching program for municipalities in the context of obtaining the SAVE charter. With the SAVE charter, cities and municipalities indicate that they want to actively contribute to more road safety. A pilot project was rolled out in the province of Antwerp, in which 6 municipalities participated.

The coaching process consists of a number of components: a questionnaire assesses the current state of the road safety policy in the municipality. In a second phase, a field visit is made to the community, where the other municipalities act as peers. Afterwards, the municipalities receive expert advice. The project is concluded with an evaluation, in which the most important findings from the project are put forward.